Google put a “this site may be hacked” note in the search results for my website. Visitors would also receive a giant alert/warning message when trying to view the site. I was panicking as this was hurting business; we had recently launched a marketing campaign too. I contacted WP Support and their team quickly resolved the issue and got the notice and warnings removed. Their maintenance plan is giving us peace of mind that our site and business are safe moving forward.

Sandra T.Home Watch Marketing Source | Owner

As a small business owner I needed a website that would promote my service in a clear, concise, yet impactful manner but wouldn’t break the bank. Furthermore, being confident in my technical skills but never doing website work before I was seeking services that would support my own ability to create and update a site as needed. WP Support provided all of this and more. I was able to get the basics down for creating a site but there were numerous things I was unsure how to navigate or specific visual content I was hoping to achieve but didn’t know how. WP Support offered affordable services for the work requiring more technical assistance. Recently, when I decided to update my entire website, WP Support was there again to provide this same process even, teaching me some minor coding to help me along the way. As an independent woman, I enjoy knowing that I can do a lot of the content updates myself but have a supportive service, readily available when needed.

Courtney G.A Foot in the Door Consulting | Owner

I have had the pleasure of working with Paige Wiese and WP Support and Maintenance for several years now. They maintain, monitor, and analyze my WordPress Web Site. Paige and her team provide outstanding expertise and customer service including timely and thorough monthly web analytics reports and timely troubleshooting and resolution of any web site issues. I highly recommend Paige and WP Support and Maintenance for any WordPress website and maintenance projects.

Dede F.Babes Around Denver

WP Support is an asset to my business and provides a professional solution in keeping my clients happy. They go above and beyond in helping with WordPress coding issues. I am confident in their expertise and have been working with them for years. They stay up-to-date with their skills, and I will continue to use them for any future projects.

Lori G.TLC Unlimited

Paige is great! I know just enough about WordPress to be dangerous. If I ever get myself into any coding trouble, or have something beyond my capabilities – WP Support is able to step in and come up with a great solution. I’m sure they’ll be hearing from me soon.

Forrest M.Marketing Company | Denver, CO