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WordPress: To .Org or to .Com?

What is the difference between and If you have a website or have ever considered creating one, you’re probably familiar with WordPress – after all, it powers an incredible 30 percent of the world’s top 10 million websites, and among its notable users are, well, virtually every major company on the globe. But…

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Updating your website to PHP7.2

PHP is the language most of the web is developed on, and it requires updates to stay secure. Just like an iphone update your website needs to be updated for security and speed. In fact, with the PHP 7.2 update your site(s) will load PHP code 3 times faster! And at the same time PHP…

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Is your site PHP 7.2 Compatible?

How to check your site’s compatibility. First, we will make sure your site is not already utilizing PHP 7.2 It’s important to make sure your site hasn’t already been updated, this quick step will show you what version of PHP you are running. Be sure not to change the version yet!   1. Login to…

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